As an only child growing up in Santa Fe, NM, Gabriel was always drawn to stories, movies, games and places where his imagination could run wild. He studied music, visual art, theatre, anything he could. It wasn’t until his high school drama teacher (Mr. P) asked him to write an original score for Tom Stoppard’s Dogg’s Hamlet Cahoot’s Macbeth that he first realized that his medium for telling stories could be scoring.

With a style that draws equally upon years of working with amazing bands in Brooklyn as well as his time studying the master composers of old, Gabriel enjoys the challenge of blending diverse ideas into something new.

Now living in Los Angeles, he is best know for composing the music for Disney’s Star Darlings and Palace Pets. He’s also written for numerous other films and TV shows including Half the Sky (PBS), A Path appears (PBS) 7 Deadly Sins (Showtime) and Travis among many others

Gabriel keeps his songwriting flame alive under the moniker of Shortwave Sunshine.

In his free-time, Gabriel enjoys exploring the coast of California with his wife Holly and their two daughters Sadie and Gemma.

He has an MFA in composition from NYU and a BM from Denver’s Lamont School of Music.